It's been a week since any medications or vets or travel boxes. Chester is slowly starting to not hate us again. For awhile he would hate one of us at a time and switch off frequently. Just to keep us on our toes.
He jumped and ran at any sort of movement, but is slowly more ok with us walking. Sometimes he's ok with us moving toward him. Mostly he wants you to sit perfectly still so he can come sit on top of you on his own terms.
He's also decided that all housework is to be done on his own terms. Vacuuming is out of the question. But now when I tried to change my sheets, Chester decided it was his new fort. He jumped and laid on the bare bed so I tucked in two corners, then he moved slightly further away from the sheets, but still on the bare bed. So I put the sheets over him. Hilarity ensued. He definitely almost fell off the bed, but got stuck in the tucked in sheets at one point.
When I wasn't cuddling him sufficiently, he even climbed under the covers and slept there for probably an hour around 5 this morning. Looks like he's now a mole-cat
He's also been shedding like a (insert clean shedding metaphor here). We had a break for a few months because half of his body was shaved and he was cold enough to not lose hair. Now that his hair is half grown in, the rest is falling out. Joys.
But, he seems much less rotund these days, so the diet seems to be helping. It's definitely helping his whining improve. He's a champ at that. His whiskers are growing back too, except the one he broke being too aggressive cuddling with Gyan. 

There's not really too much to say now that life has calmed down. Unless something super exciting happens - Like he starts to actually use his foot - I'll update this once a week. Until then, have a fantastic time in this warm summer sun!

22/08/2012 12:23

Soooo excited to hear about the great progress he's making! And glad the upside-down between-the-legs trick worked for bandaging.

If the diet doesn't help enough, try getting him a food ball (I think the brand is SlimCat?). You put the food in and he has to roll it around to get the kibble out of the little holes. It's good exercise and also good enrichment. It worked great for my cat's previous weight problem!

22/08/2012 13:18

That sounds like so much fun! Maybe it would make him use his foot in the excitement too. Provided he doesn't just stare at it like "you expect ME to get my OWN food? Woman, please"


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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
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