The worst iPhone picture ever, but Chester decided to sleep right in the middle of us while we were watching a movie. He also laid perpendicular on top of us before that. Someone loves us again
Chester's had quite a relaxing week filled with tons of love from every direction. He got a visit from his first non-UBC benefactor on Wednesday. He was a giant jerk face the whole time and refused to come out from under the bed or let anyone touch him. He acted like we were trying to chop his other toes off, even after receiving generous toys, treats, and royal king food bowls. Afterwards, he was all cuddles. Hopefully he will get better with new people coming to meet him. 
He loved the toys, by the way, Starr! I've never seen him so playful in the whole time we've had him. Usually, it takes us a whole bunch of effort to get him to even bat at a toy. But lately, he's been playing all by himself and taring around the apartment.
His spirits are definitely up!
His foot is completely healed and callouses are starting to form on his toes. This big middle pad is still pretty tender though. He is holding his foot lower toward the ground, but still not touching it to the floor yet. Unless we bring him out into the hall or he's too preoccupied playing to realize that he should be worried about his foot. So, everything seems to be fine, he's just too big of a wuss to start walking on it all the time. Maybe he just really likes being a 3-legged cat. Who knows.
When he does walk on it normally, he's pretty unbalanced. He falls over a lot naturally, so missing a couple toes will probably take more getting used to than missing a whole foot. He's usually really excited in that time, so that could also play a factor. I am fully confident he can handle it eventually though.
His whiskers and hair are all growing back. So are his toe claws that fell off. He's also back to a great weight level. You can feel his ribs again and see a bit of shape to him instead of just round. If only I could manage my own weight as well as his. He's getting the SlimCat ball in the mail soon though anyway. Because it just looks like fun.
Let's see, other than that...He's started to mimic his parents a bit. Gyan and I kiss him basically every 6 seconds when he is near (which he HATED at first), and now he's started to kiss me back. He'll peck at my lips or cheek sometimes in between rubbing my face with his. What a cutie. I think it's reserved to just me though. He cuddles with me much more willingly in general than he does with Gyan. I support this.
He's also back to sleeping on my face at night, so I think he's forgiven us for all the months of torment we put him through. I won't lie, that was faster than I expected. Even at his maddest, though, he slept at my feet so I guess his grudge wasn't too strong.
All in all, I'm ecstatic at how he's been this week. I'm convinced that every week he whines more than the one before, but I can't imagine never hearing his whine again. 
New toy?! Yesssssss! Maybe I'll start being a real cat now.

28/08/2012 10:13

All great news - keep up the good work you three - Salud!


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