Hello again! I hope all your lives are going swimmingly. If you're in Vancouver, I hope you are getting to enjoy this lovely week we've been having. If not, I hope the weather is lovely where you are as well.

Chester is doing as great as ever. He's literally been running laps for days. Earning him the new name of Cheeseflash.
(Note the orange bouncy ball given to him by one of his fairy god-mothers.) When he takes a break, though, it's usually blocking some of my airway. Especially if I want to nap too.
All in all, he's leading a pretty happy life. I'm 95% convinced that his refusal to use his foot is solely because of the cold floor. We're working on finding a place with carpet for him. Because we haven't bent over backwards for his comfort enough yet.

Another notable update...Chester has somehow managed to find a way to pee on his right shoulder..multiple times. Neither of his parents can figure out how, and we haven't seen it, but we sure can smell it every few days. So, he may also be a contortionist kitty. Normal.

Just a housekeeping note. I think UBC has deleted my interchange email address. So the best way to reach me is at eshragh@zoology.ubc.ca. BUT I can only email out from that address when I'm on campus. Oh the joys of technology. Sorry if I haven't responded to you or if you received a weird notice from my email. I'm trying to figure out where all my mail actually is....But I do promise that you are all very important to me!

26/09/2012 11:49

Chester almost looks like he's "hopping" down the hallway. I guess he has to compensate somehow for the loss of his toes! Still, he's a cutie pie!!


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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
    He goes by the names Chester, Cheetoh, Cheese, Cheeselog, Whiney-pants, and Scarf Cat, among others.


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