It's been a busy week over at Chez Chester. Every day he gets more and more feisty. Every day he sleeps less and plays more, which makes him extra ready for mom and dad to come home. He's basically on top of the door every day waiting for us to come in. He then proceeds to run full sprints around the apartment for a few hours, sleep and cuddle for a few hours, and then run full sprint all night long.

We've incidentally discovered his favourite colour is orange as well. Every orange ball he gets, he pounces on until he loses it under the couch, then he pounces again when it is retrieved for him. I swear he intentionally throws his toys under the couch straight away just to make us get them for him. It's either that he loves orange, or he loves all toys bought for him by someone other than me. Either hypothesis goes unresolved.

He's also taken to sleeping next to his food bowl on raw food day. Just incase we weren't aware that he LOVES food and is just never fed enough.

Don't mind the bullets, they were from someone's costume
Chester gets his first Christmas with us this year and I get my first ever Christmas tree that I'm very wary of him destroying. As a preemptive strike, I'm going to make him his own ornaments with food inside that he can claw open and destroy and stay away from my tree ornaments. He already got his own stocking as well. Which I find ironic since I don't even have one. Jury is out on whether he's been good enough for Santa to bring him presents or coal this year ;)
The rare Chester calm moment
We've also discovered that Chester likes to "get back at us" for not being home or cuddling him enough during the day by literally pouncing on our heads in the morning, or screaming all night long, or knocking things off shelves at 4 and then screaming, or some variation of all of those things. But if one of us is home all day or if we make it a point to cuddle and play with him every single moment we are home, then he just sleeps nicely at the foot of the bed until we get up in the morning. Our little manipulator.
In other news, if you live in BC and want to adopt a cat, now is the time to do so! BC has had a record year of strays and rescues and has been overwhelmed.Click Here to read about it. Although I would not personally recommend dealing with the BCSPCA if you can avoid it, they do have plenty of lovable little ones who need your help. And they are offering half off adoption fees until December 9th. Could be a fun little present to yourself or someone else! Hopefully in the next year, we can start fostering some little ones and helping out more.
8/12/2012 06:20:40 am

Chester seems to have settled into the new apt. quite nicely! Didn't you know Roya, that cats like to play fetch with their owners, only the owners seek out the toys for the cats! lol A hint for the xmas tree scenario. I cover mine with a big sheet if we are going out, or to bed. Maisie Mae would have a blast otherwise!

Merry Christmas to all of you, and a much better New Year!



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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
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