Chester went back into Cats Only today to have his bandage changed, and boy did he hate that. He is an amazingly gentle and docile cat, but he certainly did not shy away from voicing his displeasure as his original bandage was being removed. He whined pretty loudly and had to be restrained by two of us while the vet took off the gauze, but he didn't scratch or bite anyone because that's just not how he rolls. Once the bandage was off they washed his foot and took some pictures for their records and Chester calmed down tremendously. I got a look at his new and (sort of) improved foot, and while it didn't look pretty, it definitely didn't look too bad either. Once we were done we headed back home and Chester crashed on the couch. Generally, he's been a lot less distressed today than he was the first day and a half after surgery, so hopefully that is a sign that he is healing well. Even though his mobility is limited with his injured foot he still loves to play, except that he's restricted to swatting at dangling toys instead of chasing them around the apartment. He goes back in again next Tuesday for a check-up with the surgeon, so we will keep you posted. 
Still eager to play with his toys
His fittingly symbolic new shamrock bandage. Lucky to be here after all he's been through.


19/07/2012 21:06

I miss him. So. Much. A lost kitten wandered to my parents deck and snuggled with me tonight. As cute and cuddly as he was, he isn't my darling baby. Can't wait to see you two!


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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
    He goes by the names Chester, Cheetoh, Cheese, Cheeselog, Whiney-pants, and Scarf Cat, among others.


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