Happiest of happy new year from the three of us! Here's to 2013 being far superior to 2012! So far, the sun has shown the whole year, and Chester is healthy and happy as ever.
Our Christmas tree turned out to be a non issue because Chester despises the thing. He will barely go near it to this day.
The last of his 2012 was filled with a new friend/not really friend. Franklin came to visit for a couple weeks while his momma was back home for the holidays. These two spent the first two days on eggshells with Franklin hissing his face off. (I have still yet to ever hear Chester hiss at anyone or anything) And the rest of the time they acted like step brothers. They tolerated each other, and would play, but there was definitely some hostility behind it. Since they are both Beta males at best, they spent the whole time doing what can best be described as "out beta-ing each other". Chester stopped cuddling with us and sleeping on the bed until the last night that Frank was there to punish us for bringing another into the house and taking away his sole attention.
We also learned that he is a bit of a bully. Fights were 80% of the time started by him pouncing and tackling Frank. Frank was just too old and grumpy to deal with the large tank of a kitten we have. We also had to feed Frank up on the fridge because Chester was stealing all of it off the floor and Franklin was too afraid to eat unless he was completely safe. Chester won't jump on counters so it worked out nicely. Franklin won't not jump on counters. Frank also taught Chester to jump on the dining room table and eat all of our succulent plants. They were basically just bad influences on each other the whole time. With a couple cute moments in between.
Chester got a new Santa outfit for Christmas, which he surprisingly LOVES. It was meant for his dog cousin but was way too small, so it got passed down to our slightly obese Cheese. Fits perfectly. 
They each got their own ornament filled with treats and catnip to rip into. Franklin ripped into his in a couple minutes. Two hours later this was still Chester
And basically, this is how we've all been celebrating the new year
Hope your holidays were filled with merriment and relaxation! And we hope your 2013 year is the best yet!

03/01/2013 14:07

Roya, you were very lucky Chester did not like the tree. My two "angels", both decided that tugging on the branches, while sitting underneath it would be fun! Not!! I absolutely LOVE Chester's Xmas outfit. He looks super cute in it. Like he isn't super cute alread! lol

03/01/2013 14:33

He is a little chubby one now isn't he - adorable though - poor Frank (or maybe not??)- thanks for the update Roya - I am still checking in - all the best to the three of you in 2013


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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
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