We had to come back to the office and pretend to get things done after Chester's check up today, so I didn't have time to take pictures of his pretty Green and White bandage. It goes nicely with his MSU jersey I got him with my parent's pop can money. (In Michigan, cans and bottles have a 10c deposit and my parents literally never take their own cans back, yet drink about 4 a day. So when I come home, I become a bag lady for a few days and it is magical.) We had tried to get him a WSU Cougars jersey in Pullman in honour of his wonderful surgeons and students, but the silly boy grew out of it before we could get a picture and I have yet to do some tailoring to it. MSU is close enough though :)
As much as you care about that, here's the Chester scoop:
His entire foot is much much less swollen. The middle (metatarsal) pad is still swollen and we're not pumped about it, but to me it looks about half as swollen as it was on Tuesday. And there's lots of healing tissue surrounding it, so there's plenty of blood flow to it and his body is working its hardest to mend himself. All this is great news. He should make a full (well, half as far as size of the foot) recovery! It just needs lots more time.
His stitches still look good and he whined very little during the bandage change. He hasn't been on pain meds for about three days and didn't need them today for the change either. His stitches should come out on Tuesday when we go back in again. That poor little kitty. I was even able to watch the whole re-bandaging without having to pretend interest in the cat food bags on the other side of the room this time. So that should tell you how well he is doing if I can tolerate his (very little) pain. Hopefully, after Tuesday he should only have another week of bandage/casts and then he is home free!
In the mean time, Chester is thoroughly enjoying having both parents home to fawn over him constantly. Four hands means so much more petting. One gets the belly, one gets the chin, one for the ears, and one for the tail base. It also means twice the necks to sprawl on. And twice the faces to paw at. Life is rough for a beloved kitty.
He's probably on his 9th or 11th life by now, but he keeps fighting. It reminds me of this song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSorJ-SMO4M&feature=fvwrel
except that he's getting a whole lot of help coming back instead of people trying to get rid of him. Maybe that happened before in his life, but never again.

Update: I came home to Chester who ran out the door to the hallway of my apartment building. We let him roam around there sometimes and it always makes him super cuddly, but he hasn't wanted to go out since pre-WSU surgery. We paced it back and fourth a couple times with him jumping up to cuddle my hand and purring away the whole time. Then we sat on the couch and snuggled. He's back to his aggressively cuddly days that I haven't seen in months! He then ate and went out onto the porch to "look at bad guys" as we call it. All these are his normal activity circa May and before. I cannot think of any greater barometer for his progress as these are the things I'm most interested in. I did find half his bandage on the couch and had to surgical tape the rest on to make sure it stays for a few more days until the next bandage change. But I like his spunk and tenacity!

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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
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