Chester has now been admitted to the Cats Only vet clinic and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning. They are keeping him overnight beforehand so they can hook him up to the IV and make sure that his body has plenty of fluids, hopefully preventing the dangerous drop in blood pressure that he experienced during his first surgery. In the days leading up to this he has been extremely playful and active and has been pretty whiney when someone's not playing with him. He is also sick of having to be put in his carrier and taken to the vet at this point, so he was sulking pretty hard when we dropped him off. But hopefully this is his last major hurdle and we won't have to go back to the vet for a long time, except for checkups. Good luck Chester!

"But I don't WANNA go back to the vet!!!"

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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
    He goes by the names Chester, Cheetoh, Cheese, Cheeselog, Whiney-pants, and Scarf Cat, among others.


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