Lets do this in chronological order so we can end on the best possible note.
Saturday I rebandaged Chester by myself and he did SO GOOD. There was one minor upset when he snuck out of the bathroom I had him trapped in and I literally had to drag him out from under the bed, but other than that, SO GOOD. I sat on the floor and put him between my legs to take the bandage off with maybe one tiny struggle (thanks for the tip Becca!) and then let him walk around the bathroom and clean his foot himself. 
Then I flipped him over on my legs again and cleaned and rebandaged and there were maybe 2 minor struggles and one medium struggle. Incase you hadn't gotten the memo, we have the best cat in the world. I couldn't believe how easy it was to do. BUT


We took him in for his final check up today and it looked so good that he got to come home bandage free! AND we don't have to go back to the vet unless there is something we're concerned about.
I am SO stoked. Chester is less impressed
He doesn't trust us as far as he can throw us. He's been giving Gyan the cold shoulder since he got back. Running away whenever he enters a room, only laying near me, only letting him pet him if he's cornered.
And after the vet, I am also on the blacklist. BUT we don't have to trick him into anything for another year! I mean, we'll have to wash his foot occasionally to prevent infection, but not for much longer either.
We've finally gotten to the end of the road (knock on wood) and we survived together.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Chester says, "Whatever. I still don't trust anything about you. And I miss my toes. And stop calling me fat. Jerks" Oh yeah, and he still gained another .1kg even after I put him on a diet. Time for more drastic measures.


14/08/2012 09:07

Awesome - you are such a good boy Chester - see you next week, I hope you are trusting a little more by then : ) Chin scritch & pat-a-bum.

15/08/2012 15:26

congrats you guys. So glad all your efforts paid off. I hope that little brat knows how lucky he is.


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