Tuesday morning; Mama came home! First order of business, cuddle (Figure A). Second order of business, cuddle (Figure B). Third order of business, sleep (Figure C).

Figure A. Attention. My fave!
Tuesday late afternoon, back in the box of sadness. They put me back in that small house on wheels and subjected me to the mean people again. I laid patiently while they took my huge bandage off, excited to finally get some air to the itchiest of places. They fooled me. The "Doctor" as they call her poked and prodded and cleaned my foot for far too long. If they would just let me do it, we could all save a lot of struggle. It took four people to hold me down after that. If you're going to call me a fighter, I will show you a fighter. No one puts Chester in a bandage. Corners are fine.
My foot is so small now! The toes that they so graciously left are looking fabulous, if I do say so myself. So do the incisions where my trouble toes used to be. My beloved middle pad is swollen and painful though. No one was too pleased with this. Don't worry, I'm Chester. I will come through in the end. Overall, I'd say the whole foot is better than it was on Thursday. We'll see again on Friday when I have to be subjected to all this bananas all over again.
Figure B. Belly Rubs, my fave!
Figure C. sleepy. My fave!
Everyone knows me by name and by reputation. They say I'm some sort of "celebrity". I think that means that I am extra handsome, since that's all anyone can say when they see me. I do put most of my non-cuddling energy into keeping myself fresh and clean.
My foot itches like crazy and I hate this giant cast that makes me walk funny. I can put weight on my foot, but it's in such an awkward position that I prefer to whine and make everyone bring things to me. Serves them right, after all. 
When we got home, I ran under the bed. Mom and dad are such jerks sometimes. First they put me through all this "surgery" crap. Then they stick my foot in this terrible contraption. Now they won't even let me shred it to pieces. I'm sorry, but what is the use for it then? They put me in the cone of shame while they went out to get delicious food. Selfish jerks. 
Now that Mamma's computer is back, I can finally put all my practice on top of her keyboard to good use. But for now, I must regain my strength and nap. 


25/07/2012 05:11

"Nobody puts Chester in a bandage??" Haha.


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