Chester is thoroughly enjoying the Olympics and cheering on Team Canada for the first time. He may have been alive during the Olympics here, but we just don't know. He may have even been born during it. Let's just go with that.
By he's thoroughly enjoying the Olympics, I mean, he's sleeping through them all. Sometimes in my closet. He somehow climbed up the drawers of my dresser and slept on top of them in my hanging t-shirts. 
It was probably to get away from me, and rightfully so. This morning we forced the little bugger into his tiny WSU jersey. He put up with it the whole time until we finally squeegeed it off of him and he ran away. And hid for an hour. Poor baby. But he had to show off his Cougar pride to honour the wonderful people who have gotten him to where he is.
But he's just so darn cute! If not incredibly uncomfortable looking. The puffy cheeks show just how pleased/angry he is.

Last night he jumped behind the couch and set up a fort in the spare blankets we keep there. He's just so exploratory these days! Either that or desperately trying to find a place to hide from us and our terrorizing him. So many meds shoved down his throat. So many jerseys forced on him. So many belly rubs. Please don't report us to animal welfare.

Otherwise, Chester's doing fine. Mostly sleeping. Just in various places. Sometimes he does this to Gyan's computer too. For hours at a time.

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    Chester is a 4ish year old orange tabby with a huge medical bill and an equally huge ability to love. His attitude is no small entity either.
    He goes by the names Chester, Cheetoh, Cheese, Cheeselog, Whiney-pants, and Scarf Cat, among others.


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