Chester has been taking all his newfound fame in stride for now. His ego was pretty large to begin with, so, there wasn't much for him to change. He's been inseparable with his new bed, and at the same time feistier than ever.

I can always tell how Chester is feeling by two things. The first being the amount he cuddles; if all he wants to do is cuddle, I know he's uncomfortable, scared, or something in general is wrong. The second indicator is the  whining. The more he whines, the more pleased and self-assured he is. He is silent around new people or new situations. He screams if he knows food is on the way.

Why am I telling you this? Well, lately, I can barely get Chester to sit still and let me pet him. And the whining...oh the whining. This is one cat that could hardly be happier about life. His biggest problem is that we don't take him outside into the hall enough to explore new things. Doors should NEVER ever be closed to him. He owns the world, after all.
This cat is a big weirdo, getting weirder by the day. He stole an entire giant slice of pizza from off my plate the other day. Not to eat the cheese like a normal cat. But to eat the bread. To be fair, it was homemade and delicious, but this is one confused carnivore. He stole Gyan's PB&J the next morning. He also loves spicy food.
He never licks us, except for my eyelids occasionally (no clue at all) and sometimes my eyebrow ring. Sometimes he tries to eat it. Which is somewhat of the worst thing ever. But anyway, when I eat spicy food, he always tries to lick my lips afterwards. Big. Weirdo.
One day we came home to find that Chester had ripped into our pita bags and eaten half a pita. Meanwhile, we're struggling to get him to eat high quality raw beef. Oh, and he loves squash. We gave him some to help his indigestion, and I swear that was the only reason he ate his beef that day. So. We have a vegetarian cat. That's cool, I guess. 
He also desperately wants to take a bath. He doesn't want to get wet, but if a bath has been drawn, he will sit on the edge of the tub the entire time and try to figure out a way to get in without getting his paws wet. Sometimes he tries, then realizes it was a terrible idea, then tries again. He's got to be one of the most entertaining pets around. His personality is huge...and weird.
Mmm. Vegetable chips.
But he's loving being alive, and if he knew what it took, I know he'd be forever thankful for this wonderful gift he gets to enjoy for years and years (Depending on how much we can persuade him to lose the carbs in his life. Not that I'm one to talk)
But in even better news, there's more to celebrate! Chester's fame reached another Vancouverite with an injured kitty. Alfie had also been hit by a car before he was adopted. He had the same condition that Chester came to us with. His mamma was quoted at some absurd amount to fix him up, and she decided that the risks were too great and she would let him live his life out as he was since he was alive and doing pretty well. 
Anyway, he'd been living in his happy home for years, but was starting to deteriorate because of his complications. Well, because of Chester's massive success, his mamma decided to go back to Canada West and try one more time. The surgery went off successfully, and Alfie is now recovering with minor complications. He's doing great and he now has many more years of health and comfort to look forward to. We were so, so excited to hear about his happy story, so glad the success of all these stray cats keep coming.
This was one of the hardest decisions Gyan and I ever made, and I'm convinced there was no right answer. This story could have been very different. Had the surgery not worked out for Chester, I never would have forgiven myself for prematurely ending his life. If it weren't for Chester's strength and the tenacity of him and all his feline (and canine...and human..and...) friends, our happy endings could easily have been further struggles. But because of all of the amazing, wonderful things, people, and circumstances, so many more wonderful things are happening. And really, that's all I could ask for for any life, and I'm so proud of what he's been able to inadvertently do. We started this website to keep Chester alive, but it's stories like these that are the real reason for this existing.

05/03/2013 15:54

I am so glad to see the update! I check Chester's blog daily, to see if there is anything new. He is one very lucky little cat! O.k., a little on the tubby side. lol It's interesting the things he likes to eat. Desi absolutely loves beef jerky, cheese flavored pringles, and fried chicken. (without the skin of course) He has had to be at the vet's the past 3 weekends for tests. He had dropped 50% of his body weight, and the Dr. does not know why. We are hoping that he just has an infection of some sort, and can be treated with antibiotics. The big "C" is also a possibility. I refuse to believe that's what he has! Denial is always best! I hate to think how much I have spent over the past month. You and Gyan can relate to this. Whatever it takes, or how much, how could I not try to make him better? He's my baby boy. Fingers crossed, the cultures come back showing an infection only. It's going to be the longest 3-5 days ever!! Give your baby boy a huge hug from me!


15/03/2013 15:19

Looking good Chester - keep on - keepin on - spoiled boy - it shouldn't be any other way though. I hear ya Tee - I took my George for teeth cleaning and of course they have to do blood work first to see if he can be put out safely - well, I guess that was a good thing to do, as we found out he has early kidney disease and a heart murmur - what??? He is now on K/D, which thankfully Mello likes as well, hopefully we can keep the kidneys happy with the new diet - snuggles for Chester :


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